The blog

One purpose of this blog is to present the results of the research conducted by the French-Kuwaiti Archaeological Mission in Failaka, Kuwait (MAFKF).

It is also intended to serve as a platform for anyone wishing to share a topic related to the following research themes: art, history and archaeology of the Gulf region, all periods, or on the ancient Near East during the Hellenistic and Medieval periods.

How to contribute

The contributions can be scientific posts, book reviews, reading notes of a book or an article, but can also present a research program, an archaeological expedition, or scientific events (seminars, conferences, round tables, exhibitions, etc.).

If you wish to contribute, please send us a message:

You can also participate by writing comments. They must respect scientific ethics: cordial expression, reasoned criticism, cited sources, no political polemics. The comments that do not meet these criteria will not be published.

This website and its entire contents are under Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-ND.

For any questions or remarks:

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